Electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette

28th August 2019 Off By krzys

E-cigarettes are intended for adults. The benchmark.pl editors in no way encourage the use of e-cigarettes. We only present products of this kind from the technological, functional and market side.

Galloping progress means that old devices are replaced by new ones. Who else a decade ago could have thought that cigarettes would be replaced by their electronic counterparts? There is no denying that smoking is a nasty and pathogenic addiction that can be felt not only by smokers, but especially bystanders. Unpleasant smell, carcinogenic effect, nicotine addiction, tar – all this can be replaced in one breath: vawoo.

The electronic version of the cigarette eliminates most of these negative features. Liquid (liquid for e-cigarettes, converted into inhaled steam) does not contain tar, only nicotine and is odorless, or has a delicate aroma of the selected flavor. In no case can we say that an e-cigarette is a device that has no effect on health and using it “for sport” is a mistake. Detailed research on the effects of e-cigarettes and nicotine fluids on health is conducted by eSmokingInstitut – the only European facility of this type. It is a product for smokers and can help in quitting this addiction completely, but of course there is no guarantee – only strong will and willingness to free yourself from the “bubble” can help.

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How does an e-cigarette work? Construction and performance may vary slightly depending on the model (disposable and reusable models), but the general principle remains the same.

  • pressing the button (or inspiration detected by the sensor) starts the heating unit
  • liquid (nicotine-containing liquid) in the container is evaporated by a battery-powered heating unit
  • water vapor comes out of the device in the same way as smoke from a classic cigarette

How long can single-use e-cigarettes work, how long is a liquid container or battery in reusable models? There is no definite answer to this question, nor to the question how long a packet of cigarettes is enough – for one it can be a day and for another it can be a month. Disposable e-cigarettes do not require refilling liquid or charging the battery – after use they are simply thrown away.