How to choose a real estate agency to buy an apartment in Spain?

How to choose a real estate agency to buy an apartment in Spain?

23rd December 2019 Off By krzys

When deciding to buy property on the Costa Blanca, you should be aware of the fact that there will be a number of decisions before us that we will have to make ourselves. Some of them will be easier, others more difficult. A small proportion of people deciding to buy property on the Costa Blanca are aware of the importance of choosing the right agency and real estate agent. Usually the decision is made spontaneously, and we direct our inquiries to the agency where we found the property we are interested in.

A very important part of making decisions about choosing an agency is to read reviews, find information that clients make available in the media, and based on their own analysis, choose the best one. You should not forget to check the credibility of the agency – preferably by visiting the office and talking to the team. It is extremely important to trust the agent and the sense that he works with us and takes into account our requirements, and does not represent a “first better” property.

Property prices on the Costa Blanca

It’s no secret that Costa Blanca real estate offices work together and directly with developers. Therefore, the prices of real estate we are interested in should not differ between individual agencies. However, there are situations when the price changes. Sometimes offer prices on various portals and real estate agencies are not updated immediately. In this situation, the best solution is to direct a query to our agent. We will reach the owner and we will return as soon as possible with feedback on the current price of the property.

Admittedly, there are situations where prices differ, as in any space on the market, and even more so on the real estate market – mistakes or unfair play. A great example of differences in prices is the situation with which several of our customers have recently approached us:

The price of the property in the offers varied by as much as 60,000 euros. Tripinvest, wanting to clear up a misunderstanding, made a request directly to the property owner. It turned out that the offer with the higher price included the price for parking spaces and garages, which could be additionally purchased. Properties for sale in Costa Blanca

In another announcement, we noticed a cheaper offer by 12,000 euros than in the same offer on other websites. It turned out that the owner decided to lower the price, but he reported only one office that belonged to a member of his family.

Additional costs associated with the purchase of real estate

The only costs borne by the client are the costs of buying the property + 10% property tax. In addition, you can not forget about the shopping costs – notary, translation of documents to the bank. The best decision is to prepare approx. 3% of the property value for the above approximate purchase costs.

After making a difficult decision regarding the choice of agency, you can continue your search on your own, collect offers of interest to us and send to the agent with whom you have cooperated. Such mutual cooperation gives the best results and is the most satisfactory. The ongoing feedback speeds up the search process and improves collaboration.

We do not guarantee that all agencies do this. However, on our part, the customer knows all the costs at the very beginning. If the customer decides to buy the property in cooperation with us – we care about every, even the smallest detail and our priority is customer comfort. We are happy to bring him and take him to the airport, we offer advice on places where it is best to arrange a flat. The entire property purchase procedure is transparent and the customer is guaranteed that the costs presented above at the beginning of the cooperation are the only costs to be incurred. You can read more about the additional costs associated with buying a property in Spain in this article.

What does the wrong search for real estate lead to?

If you are interested in an offer of a certain property, you will come to a Spanish office that does not provide services in Polish, willing to invest and provide your data, then it will automatically register as a customer of this office. Everything seems simple, but unfortunately by the time. The agency asks for the documents necessary to carry out the purchase procedure and at this moment the language barrier usually manifests itself. Customers who at this stage start looking for an agency with Polish service – are exposed to additional, unwanted costs.