How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking

23rd November 2019 Off By krzys

How to quit smoking is a question asked by (and others) by many heavy smokers who would like to break free from the clutches of tobacco addiction for health or even financial reasons (when the smoker realizes how much money monthly and annually “lets go with smoke”, he may desire shorten this habit) Unfortunately, quitting smoking is not as easy as starting it. Determination, strong will and sometimes specialist help are needed.

First of all, the decision to quit smoking must flow from the patient and be supported by his sincere motivation, not for example a doctor’s recommendation. If the doctor tells the patient to quit smoking, he may take note of this, and even agree with this recommendation, but if this is not supported by his (patient’s) belief that cigarettes must be stopped, quitting this addiction will not work out, or the effects will be short-lived – Siberia snus

To check if a person has a strong belief in the need to quit smoking, you can ask them when they intend to do so and whether they are ready to quit immediately. Undecided people may say that they want to quit smoking from tomorrow or from next week. They will also multiply obstacles to achieving this goal.

The second indicator of success in stopping smoking is the ability to self-control. The patient should carefully note the number of cigarettes smoked each day and what circumstances lead them to reach for cigarettes. Is this for example stress and a desire to alleviate it, or does he use cigarettes routinely, for example after a meal or in some situation that has been associated with this habit in the patient’s mind? Smoking cigarettes is a matter of habit, and as you know, you can also get used to everything. You just need to know exactly the mechanisms conditioning the desire to reach for a cigarette.

Thirdly, when quitting smoking, it is good to tell loved ones and friends about our intention. Assuming that they care about our health, they should be actively involved in the process of quitting tobacco addiction and find our allies on the path of freeing from the obligation to smoke. If someone else in the family smokes, it’s good if they decide to stop smoking at the same time. Nothing has such a demotivating effect on a smoking cessant as seeing smoking colleagues or spouses (“if they can, why can’t I?”). Support from loved ones when quitting smoking is very important.

Fourth, you can sign up for a support group for people quitting smoking – this is a type of group psychotherapy. The quit smoking then receives support from people with the same problem – he does not feel alone, he is stronger and more determined in the fight against addiction, he has whom to call and who to talk to or go for a walk in moments of weakness.

In quitting smoking, it is important to develop healthy habits and ways to cope with stressful situations, and the group can help in this.

For example, you can make a commitment (and say it out loud) that you won’t smoke a single cigarette until … (enter a specific date here). Later, you can extend the “time without a cigarette”. If you stick to the given date without reaching for cigarettes, motivation and self-satisfaction and progress in quitting smoking will increase.

You can also use special chewing gums with tobacco, tablets, inhalers and nicotine patches to stop smoking. Your doctor may also prescribe an anti-depressant drug without nicotine, which is helpful in stopping smoking. Some recommend acupuncture as a great way to quit smoking – the patient after several treatments with needles ceases to feel the urge and urge to smoke a cigarette.

A great way to quit smoking is to be thoroughly aware of the risks of smoking. By smoking cigarettes, you harm yourself and others, including your loved ones, children. Tobacco-related diseases include: hypertension, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, aortic aneurysm, asthma, tuberculosis, duodenal and stomach ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease, stroke, osteoporosis, cataract, accelerated menopause. Cigarette smoking also has a negative impact on male fertility. Smoking shortens life and causes many cancers. For this reason alone it is worth to cast them successfully.