I already have my first corset, what now?

I already have my first corset, what now?

8th April 2020 Off By krzys

For the first few weeks, the corset must fit comfortably into your figure, take the shape of your posture. If you act forcefully, you can destroy it. In English it is said that the corset must be “broken In”. Therefore, do not overdo the squeeze during the first days. It’s not good for the corset or your body. When putting on a corset, lace it up so that it adheres firmly to your body, but do not tighten it. At first, the underwire is stiff only after a few folds, it will bend according to your waist and rib width. Therefore, when you first put on you can feel a slight discomfort on the ribs. However, this passes very quickly after a few days. Therefore, do not accelerate this process, a corset like shoes must be worn, do not torture your own body in the first days.

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How tight your lace corset will tell you your body. You should be able to move quite naturally when wearing a corset. Step tighten the corset until the two halves of the corset meet each other at the center of the back, and the additional panel retracts completely under the corset (at waist height). This will mean that you have already reached the level – 10 cm at the waist.

How long does this process take?

This is a very individual time, difficult to determine theoretically. It all depends on your predispositions, determination and natural conditioning as well as age. If you use a diet with the corset, then the exercises will be much faster. You can only wear a corset and you will certainly achieve the effect, but in the long run. In some people the first effects are visible after 4 weeks, while in others this time may be longer. I know a few women in Poland who literally bought another corset two sizes smaller after just 2 months. The most important thing is to listen to your body and each time gently lace your corset tighter this way you will definitely reduce your waist size.

What about ribs?

Many ladies want to reduce their spacing in the lower parts, is the corset a way to change their location? Yes, of course 4 pairs of ribs from the bottom can be modeled. All of the above are unlikely to change their position. An authentic corset with steel underwires obviously also affects the spacing of the ribs. You need to know that the corset may not close over its entire length, it is conditioned by the natural build of the figure. Some Ladies have wider ribs, which affects the width of the back, while other Ladies have narrow backs and narrow ribs and wide hips. It may turn out that your figure will allow the corset to close at the waist and in its upper part while at the height of the lower edge a piece of the additional panel will still be visible under the binding. It’s nothing wrong with your construction. The modeled waist will beautifully emphasize the hip lines and make you look tempting and very feminine.

How long to wear a corset?

Try to wear a corset 3 to 6 hours a day at the beginning (if possible). I do not recommend sleeping in a corset, but wearing during the daytime should become your sport discipline. You can wear a corset with breaks, e.g. for bathing or exercising. The most important thing is that it becomes ordinary everyday life. On the first day, you should not put on a corset for work. You will not feel comfortable, remember that the corset will only fit into your figure.

How to care and maintain a real corset?

If you bought your first Reducing Corset and you are serious about narrowing your waist, you also need to know how to take care not only of yourself but also of the corset. In order for your corset to become comfortable and remain so, you must handle it properly to extend its usability.

It is best to wear the corset in the cool months of autumn, winter is the perfect season to start reducing your waist:

1. Always wear a corset on a T-shirt, or buy or sew a cotton tube / tube that you will pull on your stomach under the corset. You can also wear a tight T-shirt. Even the most delicate woman will sweat a little under the corset. Cotton will absorb excess moisture that will release the body and protect the corset from the absorption of natural oils that are emitted by human skin.

2. At the end of the day, remove the corset and dry it for a moment with a hairdryer. Of course, you only need to dry the inside. It’s best to hang the corset over the back of the chair. Never hang the corset directly on a heat source, e.g. on a radiator or near an oven. This can cause irreversible contraction of the seams.

3. Order a rather classic corset that you can easily combine with other parts of your wardrobe. It’s best to buy a classic Underbust with a strong and strong construction. Bet on the quality of the corset. Remember that it will serve you for several long weeks, so it must be strong and carefully sewn, do not save. It’s worth having a proper corset – with full responsibility. If finances are not a problem for you, it is good to have two pieces so that the corset can rest after each wearing. Wear both corsets alternately.

4. It is good when the outside of the corset is filled with a special liquid that protects the corset from getting dirty. All real corsets from the store: waist trainers in uk are originally impregnated with such preparations. Thanks to this, they get dirty much more slowly and do not absorb odors.

5. Refreshing clothing sprays are available in good drugstores after wear. You can gently spray them on the lining, but not too often.

6. From time to time, every corset must undergo a thorough cleaning. That’s why it’s good to have two corsets. Thorough cleaning must be carried out in dry dry cleaning. Do not soak or wash the corset at home.

Following these simple tips will definitely make your waist workout a lot of satisfaction, reduce your waist without incurring particularly high costs.