I’m going to a fitness club for the first time and I don’t know …

I’m going to a fitness club for the first time and I don’t know …

5th December 2019 Off By krzys

You have made a sensible decision that it’s about time to take care of your physical health. Are you motivated to start going to the fitness club, but you don’t know where to start? It’s great that you want to get back into shape, here are a few tips that will tell you what to look for

I have already chosen a place, and now what?
You’ve already decided on your fitness club and now think about what you want to do there. Are you more interested in fitness classes? In that case, look at the schedule of classes, it is available on the website and at the reception, select the classes you want to try and enter in your calendar. Next to the class name, there is also a description, adjust the type of class to your needs and expectations. Come about 15 minutes before class to change quietly and enter the room. In fitness classes you will learn different types of exercises that you can then use in the gym or do yourself at home, but it is always safer to train under the guidance of a professional instructor.

Do you prefer a gym rather than organized classes? At the gym, you have a cardio zone at your disposal, i.e. bikes, treadmills, elliptical cross trainers – this is the part for burning unnecessary fat. But don’t just stay there! Also use the strength zone, the machines have instructions on how to perform the exercises. You can always see from the corner of your eye what others are doing and imitate them, but it will be better if you just ask (calm down, there will be nothing strange in this, everyone has ever started). Do not be afraid of weights, muscles do not grow quickly, it will take many years for your body to become a bodybuilder. Certainly, exercises with a load will improve the appearance of your figure, and the muscles will cause the body to take on attractive shapes. Go to the gym, say hi and don’t be surprised if someone wants to give you a handshake. Such a cultural custom.

If you would like to approach the matter seriously and have a scheduled training, which you will systematically perform, you can use a one-time personal training. The instructor will interview you what you want and what you want to achieve, then show you the exercises and write your personal plan. If you want to be constantly motivated by the trainer, who will be constantly watching over your technique and regularity, you can also use the personal training package.

What should I take with me ?!

Above all, focus on comfort. Breathable blouse, exercise shorts or leggings and sports shoes. Don’t forget to irrigate too! Before training, you need to arm yourself with a bottle of still water. You can also buy it on site, in the shoulder of your fitness club. Towel, used for comfort of exercise, put it on a mat, exercise bench or machine, it is definitely more hygienic. Choose one that is not too big or too small and note that you will wash it often. If you want to take a shower after exercise, stock up on a soap, a second towel and flip-flops. Usually, in better fitness clubs, you already have soap and a dryer on site.

I’m afraid that i will not be able to handle it…

Are you worried about your lack of fitness? Don’t be afraid, you’ll do the exercises at your own pace. It’s important to break the first ice cream, then it’s easier. With each workout, your body will get used to the effort and only joy will be left that you spend your time actively.

“I will enter the fitness room and I will not know the moves or keep up with the group” – this is the opinion of people who have never tried to participate in classes. Come and see that learning to practice is easy. The instructors attend special trainings on the methodology of teaching the techniques of individual trainings. Exercises are easy at first, and then the difficulty level increases. If this is your beginnings, stay in the first combination and don’t worry.

“Everyone will look at me, and if I make a mistake or have a bad technique?” – nothing could be more wrong. At the gym, everyone is focused on themselves and does not pay attention to what others are doing. Nobody cares how high you jump or whether you are red on your face. At most, you can get instructions from an instructor or an experienced person on how to improve your technique. And all this for the sake of your health and safety.

Free yourself from worries and go!

Everyone who started to take care of their health and appearance deserves the greatest respect. Regardless of how old you are and your weight, you also have the right to take care of your physical condition. In the fitness club there are not only muscular, slim, athletic figures that are shown in magazines and on the Internet. All those who know that it is worth investing in a healthy lifestyle go there.

In brief
1. Visit the site, see opening hours and class hours
2. Choose a convenient date
3. Pack your outfit, shoes, water and towel
4. Come to the reception, take the key, change your clothes in the changing room
5. Say hello, start training and enjoy your good decision